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The Berkshire Company improves business processes in your print & mail operation. With our approach, The Berkshire Company helps you solve real problems, implement better processes, and improve the bottom line.

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We Help You Successfully Complete Your Print & Mail Projects

Outsource vs. Insource

Evaluate the benefits and the costs of outsourcing compared to insourcing.

[+] Learn how we can help you determine if outsourcing is the right approach for you.

Process Evaluations & Improvements

Look for ways to improve your operational efficiency: procedures, policies, equipment and software.

[+] Learn how we can help you improve your operation.

Mail Center Security

Prepare now against events like natural disasters and other disruptions in service.

[+] Learn about our approach, utilized by federal agencies and private corporations.

Strategy Development

Plan for tomorrow while solving the problems you face today.

[+] Learn how we can help you develop a strategy for the future.

Project Management

Improve projects that require accountability, discipline, focus and defined results.

[+] Learn how we can partner with you to ensure that individuals are doing their part on the project plan to achieve success.

New Technology

Maximize your ROI when choosing the best tools to increase automation.

[+] Learn how we can help you select the right technology for today and tomorrow.

We Work With High-Profile Clients

Banking / Financial Services

ADP Brokerage Services
Branch Banking and Trust
Capital One
Citizens Bank
Wells Fargo


General Services Administration
United States Postal Service


City Express
Direct Impaqt
Hewitt Associates

Colleges / Universities

Boston College
Case Western Reserve University
Loyola College
Princeton University
Tufts University


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
Davis Vision
Hospital Corporation of America
Noridian Blue Cross Blue Shield
Presbyterian Health Plan
Providence Health & Services
UnitedHealth Group
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Energy / Utilities

Con Edison
Dairyland Power
Northeast Utilities
Pacific Gas & Electric


Kemper Insurance
The Hartford
The Zenith


American Institute for Economic Research
PRIDE Enterprises



Not All Mail Operations Are Created Equal

Services for Companies with Print & Mail Operations

If you’re considering business process improvements, automating or outsourcing bad processes won’t help your company be successful.

We’ll help you review your processes and make recommendations for improvement.

[+] Learn more about our approach for increasing efficiency in your print and mail operations.

Services for Mail Service Providers & Mail Industry Vendors

Maintain your company’s competitive edge with the right strategy, technology, processes and human resources.

We’ll help you stay current with industry trends.

[+] Learn more about our holistic approach to improving your operation.

110 Tips 2018 Cover.jpg

110 Tips to Improve Your

Mail Center

Inbound/outbound mail, training, security, disaster recovery, and more:

  • Employees
  • Procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing
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