Project Management

Complete projects on time and on budget

Print and Mail Consulting Services
Improve projects that require accountability, discipline, focus and defined results.

All print and mail solutions available today involve project management. Whether it's software-driven solutions to improve the process. Or hardware-driven solutions like automated sorting equipment, file-based processing inserters, or accountable mail tracking systems.

These systems require bringing together a variety of people to work on a project and successfully implement the solution. Often, the mail center manager or the document center manager doesn't have time - or in many cases - project management experience.

We'll partner with you, involving the appropriate departments: IT, HR, marketing, the mail center (inbound and outbound). We'll put together a project plan and act as a facilitator to ensure that individuals are doing their part on the project plan.

We'll hold regularly scheduled meetings and publish the minutes of those meetings. So you can get the project completed, ensuring that the solution that you've purchased is doing what it's supposed to do.

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“We get pitched by many consultants, most of whom do not have the depth of knowledge to be useful. Most would learn more from us than we would from them.

This is not the case with Berkshire and it's what sets them apart and ahead of the others.”

Mike Kimsey,
Pacific Gas & Electric