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Ensuring marketing, technology, and business units have a consistent document strategy

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Most of your interaction with a customer is through some form of document. Whether it's a direct mail piece, or a bill that the customer receives on a monthly basis. That's how you interact with your customers.

The documents may be paper or electronic, but they're still documents. And what most companies don't realize is that while they're working on technology, they don't have a strategy to:

  • Create an integrity-driven process
  • Get the right document to the right customer
  • Ensure the customer receives the document with a consistent appearance in every format

The format could be email, e-fax, PDF, the Web (how does the information look online?). And even the paper document that the customer receives in the mail.

One of the main reasons for failure in Customer Relationship Management is that everyone who touches the document is not involved in the process: marketing, IT, mail center, customer service, finance. Your customers.

Let us help you develop a strategy that looks at the entire document lifecycle.

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