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Mark M. Fallon is President & CEO of The Berkshire Company, a consulting firm specializing in mail and document processing strategies. The company develops customized solutions integrating proven management concepts with emerging technologies to achieve total process management.

Mark offers a vision of the document that integrates technology, data quality, process integrity, and electronic delivery. He brings his clients insights gained from a career that spans from a part-time job as a mail clerk, to an officer in the United States Army, from a corporate executive to a successful entrepreneur. Mark helps his clients develop solutions using emerging technologies and expert leadership.

Mark holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Suffolk University in Boston. He has served in the U.S. Army, and has worked for several Boston-area companies, including State Street Corporation, Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation and Brown Brothers Harriman.

Mark serves on the Postmaster General’s Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). Mark is also a board member of the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom). In the past, he was on the US Postal Inspector’s Industry Task Force for Mailroom Security (2001-2002) and the USPS PCC Advisory Committee (2019-2022). Mark leads the Mail Center Manager certificate program at the National Postal Forum. 

An avid reader, Mark regularly updates his growing book list.

In addition to his own blog, Trends in Print and Mail, Mark is a contributor to Mailing Systems Technology and IPMA's blog.  Mark is the author of the eBooks: 110 Tips to Improve Print and Mail Management and It Begins With the Address.

110 Tips eBook
About Our Expertise with Print & Mail Operations

From high-level strategy development to hands-on project management, The Berkshire Company has helped more than 80 organizations improve their operations.

Mark Fallon is a trusted leader in the industry and has consulted with the USPS, federal agencies, and Fortune 100 corporations.


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