Vendor Audits

Identify deficiencies, risks and remedies

Well planned, executed, and shared audits improve service and expectations.

Given the specialized nature of the print/mail industry, companies want an external resource to audit service providers for quality controls and best practices.

An independent management consulting firm, The Berkshire Company will work with your team to audit the vendor’s environment and make recommendations for improvement in print and mail processing, USPS regulatory compliance, and management strategies.

During an onsite visit, the consultants will:

  • examine existing technology
  • review software and workflow
  • inspect security controls
  • interview select employees and management

The audit report will include sections on people, process and technology. In each section, we’ll identify all deficiencies, risks and remedies.

Additionally, The Berkshire Company will schedule a follow-up, onsite visit 60-90 days after the delivery of the report to review progress on suggested changes.

Meet with an Expert

One of our experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours

“We get pitched by many consultants, most of whom do not have the depth of knowledge to be useful. Most would learn more from us than we would from them.

This is not the case with Berkshire and it's what sets them apart and ahead of the others.”

Mike Kimsey,
Pacific Gas & Electric